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Based in New York City, Amber Star Management is the leading platform that specializes in managing and allocating resources for limousine & travel service providers and drivers across north America. We strive to normalize luxury travel lifestyle, whether it’s for business, wedding or any special occasions, by making each step as efficient and effective as possible. With more than 130 limousine service business partners across US and Canada, Amber Star is one of the largest all in one service provider in the market and brings great benefits to all of our fellow business partners and drivers alike.


By joining the Amber Star family, service providers will be able to focus on reaching more clients and expanding their business without worrying about investment costs such as vehicles and maintenance, or business risks caused by off-seasons. On the other hand, drivers at Amber star will always have enough clients at any location of their choice, at a higher than market hourly rate with full insurance and health plan. Drivers will also have the flexibility to work part time or full time on days of their choice. 


We look forward to working with you and grow our community stronger together!

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